Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coming Soon - Rêverie Dècor Striped Elegance Collection

My favorite thing about planning weddings and events is all the little details...the things that show your guests you've put thought and effort into things.  I have loved creating custom items for my clients and so I decided to re-open my etsy store (formerly Funkytown Design) and call it Rêverie Dècor (I only have a couple things posted now, but here's the link Rêverie Dècor Etsy Store ).  It's the perfect way to offer my services and creations to a wider audience!  

My goal for this store is to offer themed collections that have lots of items that can go together.  One of the biggest struggles in planning a wedding is finding everything you want - so many times you may order something online because it looks like the color you need or the kind of quality you're looking for, only to be disappointed when it arrives and doesn't live up to your expectations.  Keeping track of all those different vendors and receipts can be a pain too!  

The Striped Elegance Collection is my first collection I'll be offering in my store.  It's a mixture of horizontal black and white stripes, shades of purple/fuschia, and lots of gold!  I was trying to think of a way to describe the style and I came up with this idea of a wedding for Marie Antoinette and Beetlejuice.  Seems a little wacky sounding, but just go with it!

Below is an inspiration board I created to give you a better idea of where I'm coming from...

Right now I am working on getting good images for each item before I post them on my etsy store.  I am such an impatient person, so it's really been a struggle for me to keep from posting anything yet...not to mention that it takes so much time to create and design the items and then locate what I need to make it happen.  Below are some sneak peaks of some of what I'll be putting up for sale.  The napkin wraps are fully customizable, so if you're not a fan of my taste, you can choose the colors, ribbon, font, etc. that you like.



The next photos are taken with my phone just to show you a couple more things.

This is a framed magnetic board that can hold a menu, welcome sign, whatever you want!  Signs will be offered separately from the board so you can choose to have one or not.

Large framed magnetic board that I created to hold escort cards, but it can really be used for whatever you want.  Escort cards and additional gold rose magnets will be sold as separate items.


Well that's all I have for now!  I am hoping to have everything ready to post in my store in the next couple of weeks and I will definitely be doing another post about it once that happens.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spotlight on The West End Ballroom

This week I am spotlighting a local venue here in Portland, The West End Ballroom.  One of the awesome things about this place is that you don't need to bring in a lot of decor items because it has great style and ambiance on its own!  It's not just a great venue for weddings, but for other events too!

Remaining 2014 openings are being offered at huge discounted prices with rates starting at as low as $899!!!!!  2015 rates range from $2995-$4995

Below is the True Tour of The West End Ballroom - a great way to take a virtual tour of their space!  

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West End Ballroom from a Planner's Point of View

These are some of the important things I made sure to find out about this venue:

  • Layout: The ceremony area is on the first level and the reception area is on the second level.  The space comfortably accommodates around 120 guests.
  • Accessibility: There is no elevator, so there are some things to plan for and consider.  All items for the reception area will need to be taken up the stairs, so pack things so they are able to be carried up easily.  If you or any of your guests have mobility difficulties, assistance may need to be arranged to get up to the second level.
  • Chairs, Tables, Linens: West End has white folding chairs they will set up for you in the ceremony area.  They have fruitwood chiavari chairs and large round tables for the reception area.  Standard white linens are also included.  This is all included in the cost of the rental.
  • Set-up: West End will set up the chairs in the ceremony area, and the tables and chairs in the reception area are to be set up either by your caterer or someone else you arrange.  If you choose from a preferred caterer on their list, that caterer will automatically set up the reception area and they are familiar with how to do that correctly and efficiently (one of the benefits of choosing from the preferred list).   List of West End Preferred Vendors 
  • Decorations: West End has hurricanes and candles that are available for your sure to ask about them if you're interested.  Other decor items are your responsibility to set up, so be sure you've made arrangements for someone to do your planner ;)
  • Restrooms: There is one restroom located on the first level.
  • Parking: There is a lot across the street that you can arrange to have reserved for your guests, or they can pay individually to park in a lot or on the street.
  • Catering Accommodations: There is a kitchen area that is hidden from view for catering to store things, prepare, etc. 
  • Lighting: West End has uplights in-house that can be added to your rental for the reception area.  You can choose from some different colors for these to add to your ambiance.  They have some pretty patterned gobos to put light on the stage area in the reception area.
  • Storage: In the reception area, there's a stage and a back stage area.  You can store boxes and such in this area so they'll be there when you're ready to pack up.
  • Photography: Powers Photography Studio is a preferred photographer and they have lots of experience photographing in this venue.  There are lots of great places to take photos! 

The last thing I want to mention about West End Ballroom is that it's so cozy and full of personality!  Jennifer and Lauren are also so helpful and's a great venue choice!  

I hope this has been helpful!  Remember, I'm available to assist you, so feel free to check out my services on my site and contact me :)

Have a wonderful week!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Today's freebie is an Instagram wedding sign printable, complete with instructions for adding your own #.  I'm so excited to write about an event I had been working on with Candlelighters for Children with that will be coming soon!

Click Here or on the image to get to the download page!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

♥♥♥ Portland Love Free Printable ♥♥♥

For today's Freebie Friday item, I am offering a Portland Love free printable.  This is a great gift or decor item!!!  I designed it to automatically print 8.5x11 (standard printer paper size) & it can easily be trimmed to fit an 8x10 frame.

 Click Here  to go to my site page containing the download, along with instructions for adding your own text.

If you wish to have this customized with your state, different colors, etc. contact me via the form on my site.  I charge $5.

That's all for now!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Free Photo Booth Sign Printable

In case you missed it, here's the link to get your free photo booth sign printable:

Free Photo Booth Sign Printable

This Friday I will be doing another freebie!  Stay tuned for more...

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Personalize Your Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fun way to engage your guests and create lasting memories!  It seems like so many photo booth companies are popping up and many photographers are adding photo booth type services to their offerings.  Whether you're hiring someone, or creating a photo booth yourself, there are many ways to personalize it!  Following are some ideas to use and build off of...hope this leads you to something spectacular!


Whisker Works offers some fun props on a stick!  I love the packaging and presentation!  These would also make great gifts for your guests and would surely persuade them to get on over and have their picture taken.  They range from $5-10 each and this particular set is $10.

Etsy has many varieties of stick props also, and they can be found at various price points.

Michael's has blank prop on a stick cutouts made of thin wood that can be decorated any way you like!

You can also find many print-your-own prop kits like this one Click Here.

Personally, I think the more props the better!  There are so many places to find the perfect prop gems!  The following are some ideas to inspire you: hats, crazy hair accessories, boas, crazy glasses, pirate stuff, pimp accessories, funny masks, the list goes on!  Visit my Photo Booth Props board on Pinterest for more inspiration!


My Sweet Day etsy shop offers custom step and repeat banners to be used for backgrounds.  The one pictured sells for $175.  

The Keep Collective, also on etsy, offers some fun custom options as well.

Local print shops usually have options to order step and repeat banners, just remember, you have to have a way to secure it!

There are so so many awesome background ideas!  You can use curtains, fabric, streamers, ribbon, get the idea!  Visit my Photo Booth Backgrounds board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Photo Booth Software for a DIY Booth

SparkboothSparkbooth makes it simple for anyone to set-up an instant photo booth experience. Download the Sparkbooth photo booth software to any computer with a webcam and youʼre ready to go! An instant party hit for you and your guests.

dslrBooth - Hook up your camera to your pc, run software, then hookup your printer to your pc. Software downloads pictures directly from your camera, assembles several pictures into a print, adds your branding to it then prints it automatically on your printer. There’s zero user interaction required on the pc once you’ve started the software.

There are several other programs out there, so you're bound to find one that's right for your needs and budget.  

Advice About Doing DIY

Before deciding to create your own photobooth, it's good to get quotes from a handful of providers.  Make sure they offer what you need and be clear on exactly what is included.  This will help you to know the value and make the choice that's right for you.  If you get a couple of quotes that are really high, don't get discouraged!  Depending on the offerings in your area, try to get at least 5 quotes.  

Deciding to do a DIY booth adds more to your to-do list, which can add more stress depending on how much help you have.  Make sure that you have all the details planned out beforehand...where is it going to go, where will things be plugged in, how will things be secured, and where will props be displayed, how will guests know what to do?  These are important things to think about!  

*** To the right of this page are all the links to follow me on social media...this Friday, I'll be doing a free photo booth sign printable (pictured below).  I'll be including the link to get it on all my pages! ***

These are just some pictures of me having fun in some different photo booths...

Obviously my go-to photo booth face is a duck face!  I'm going to have to try out some new ones before I get any more of these I better go start practicing in the mirror!

Have a fabulous day & come back again!