Monday, November 7, 2016

Great Gatsby Theme Wedding

I became a little obsessed with the Great Gatsby / Art Deco / Roaring 20s / whatever you wanna call it ;) look after I attended a charity event with a 1920s theme.  I ordered this fabulous dress (off Amazon - can you believe it?!?!?) and since then I've been looking for reasons to wear the dress again and it has inspired a collection of items in my etsy shop.  The pic is a little blurry, but you get the picture.  Black and gold sequins!!!!  It was a masquerade ball, so I had my black and gold kitty mask to go with it!

At the Chelsea Hicks Foundation Masquerade Ball (2015) - Sentinel Hotel - Portland, OR
Luckily I DID find some other things to wear the dress to and I just love this style!  I wasn't really aware of people having this theme a lot until I became a fan and now I can't imagine how life was before LOL  

I wanted to create black and gold items for weddings and events and have that lined art deco type of design.

Here are some of the items I've created for my etsy customers - some of these are custom items that have not yet been added to the shop and are available by request.  It takes me time to get everything together for new items and with the wedding season at a close, I'll have more time to do that now!

Custom Art Deco Style Place Cards or Escort Cards
Art Deco Style Instagram Table Tent
Art Deco Style Table Number Tents
Custom Sign on Framed Magnetic Memo Board (I sold out of these boards for now)

Custom Art Deco Hashtag Sign with Old Style Camera Icon
Have a fabulous week!
♥ Allison

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Latest obsession...pineapples!

Now that Halloween is over, I'm getting into holiday mode and preparing to struggle with giving unique gifts to my friends and family that seem to already have everything...or really expensive taste that doesn't jive with my gift budget!

Throughout the year I have a "gift bin" - basically a storage bin where I collect little things I find on a good deal.  Recently I've noticed my gift bin has been taken over by little pineapple things and this is mostly due to my latest little obsession!

It started when I decided to do a quote gallery on one of my big walls.  I bought a bunch of different size frames and then went on pinterest to search for quotes that were worthy of the wall.  I came across a pineapple one and I just loved the message and feel like it's something I should see each day.  I made my own version of the quote for my wall and I made a couple of them in different colors and gave them to some of my girlfriends to keep in their offices.

Ever since then, I've been going pineapple crazy because every time I see a pineapple, I'm reminded of that quote and I stand a little taller and am reminded to be confident and kind to people.  Because I think we all need to be reminded to "stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside" I'm offering a free printable of my design for the quote wall.  I made a few different versions, so hopefully there's one you like!  Click on the images above to get to the download page, or click here.  Do something with it for yourself or a friend who might appreciate the message :)

Visit my Pineapple Obsession Pinterest Board to see more pineapple cuteness!

♥ Allison