Monday, November 7, 2016

Great Gatsby Theme Wedding

I became a little obsessed with the Great Gatsby / Art Deco / Roaring 20s / whatever you wanna call it ;) look after I attended a charity event with a 1920s theme.  I ordered this fabulous dress (off Amazon - can you believe it?!?!?) and since then I've been looking for reasons to wear the dress again and it has inspired a collection of items in my etsy shop.  The pic is a little blurry, but you get the picture.  Black and gold sequins!!!!  It was a masquerade ball, so I had my black and gold kitty mask to go with it!

At the Chelsea Hicks Foundation Masquerade Ball (2015) - Sentinel Hotel - Portland, OR
Luckily I DID find some other things to wear the dress to and I just love this style!  I wasn't really aware of people having this theme a lot until I became a fan and now I can't imagine how life was before LOL  

I wanted to create black and gold items for weddings and events and have that lined art deco type of design.

Here are some of the items I've created for my etsy customers - some of these are custom items that have not yet been added to the shop and are available by request.  It takes me time to get everything together for new items and with the wedding season at a close, I'll have more time to do that now!

Custom Art Deco Style Place Cards or Escort Cards
Art Deco Style Instagram Table Tent
Art Deco Style Table Number Tents
Custom Sign on Framed Magnetic Memo Board (I sold out of these boards for now)

Custom Art Deco Hashtag Sign with Old Style Camera Icon
Have a fabulous week!
♥ Allison

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Latest obsession...pineapples!

Now that Halloween is over, I'm getting into holiday mode and preparing to struggle with giving unique gifts to my friends and family that seem to already have everything...or really expensive taste that doesn't jive with my gift budget!

Throughout the year I have a "gift bin" - basically a storage bin where I collect little things I find on a good deal.  Recently I've noticed my gift bin has been taken over by little pineapple things and this is mostly due to my latest little obsession!

It started when I decided to do a quote gallery on one of my big walls.  I bought a bunch of different size frames and then went on pinterest to search for quotes that were worthy of the wall.  I came across a pineapple one and I just loved the message and feel like it's something I should see each day.  I made my own version of the quote for my wall and I made a couple of them in different colors and gave them to some of my girlfriends to keep in their offices.

Ever since then, I've been going pineapple crazy because every time I see a pineapple, I'm reminded of that quote and I stand a little taller and am reminded to be confident and kind to people.  Because I think we all need to be reminded to "stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside" I'm offering a free printable of my design for the quote wall.  I made a few different versions, so hopefully there's one you like!  Click on the images above to get to the download page, or click here.  Do something with it for yourself or a friend who might appreciate the message :)

Visit my Pineapple Obsession Pinterest Board to see more pineapple cuteness!

♥ Allison

Monday, October 17, 2016

Well here I am again!  I kick myself all the time for not blogging or paying attention to my social media accounts.  So several weeks ago I started working on some projects so I'd have something to blog about.  I can't promise I'll keep up with it, but here goes!

Pinterest is one of my obsessions!  I literally look up and pin just about every kind of thing you can think of and it's a big source of creative inspiration for me.  One thing that sucks about Pinterest is that it can sometimes be very unrealistic - especially when it comes to weddings!  Many photos are from styled shoots where only one table is fabulously decorated and there's no way the person on an average budget could afford it.  Sometimes my customers will send me photos from Pinterest and I think "how in the hell am I going to make it look like that?!?!?"  Then I proceed to go crazy until I figure it out or just decide to say no.

Scrolling through Facebook one day I saw that my friend Taylor had posted about wanting to have a large easel chalkboard at her wedding.  I decided to take on the challenge!  She sent me the photo below, which she found on Pinterest.

I thought this was so beautiful and I love the flowers on top!  So I had shown this photo to a friend of mine and he built one for me out of materials from Home Depot - total was around $50.  We picked a smooth 2x4 piece of wood for the main chalkboard piece.

Next step - make that wood look beautiful!  I stained the frame with a dark stain, then coated it with a semi-gloss spray after the stain dried for 24 hours.  Luckily my Dad has a fabulous shop he let me use to do this!

As you can see, I got a little stain on the chalkboard area, which I sanded off with a fine sand paper...although that probably wasn't really necessary.

Next I put my first coat of chalkboard paint on!  I got this in a medium sized can at Home Depot near the spray paint section.

I'm get this super intense excitability over my projects and I couldn't stand waiting to put the second coat on...but the can said to wait 4 hours I think.  I just left it overnight.

The second coat made it perfect!  Excuse my poor quality photo :)

Next is the fun part...getting the words on there and having them look flawless!  Here's what I did and you can do this on any chalkboard (not necessary to go building one from scratch!).  

1. I created my text design in photoshop at the dimensions of the board.
2. I printed each section, then taped them together.

3. I taped the printed/taped text centered on my chalkboard with some painters tape.
4. I put a sheet of graphite paper under the printed text, then traced around it with a pen - you trace on your printed text or design with the graphite paper in between that and your chalkboard.
5. Take off the tape and remove everything and you have a pencil-like outline of your design right on your chalkboard.
6. I took a thick chalk marker and carefully filled in the design.  Voila!  A perfectionist's dream!

To conclude this post, you don't have to have the perfect handwriting or artistic skill to create something fabulous.  If you're determined enough, you'll find a way!

♥ Allison

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blog much?!?!?

So I'm not the greatest at blogging or keeping up on my social media...I can't be THAT perfect! :)  I wanted to post some updates on what's going on with me and my business.  After a stressful 2014 wedding season, I decided to limit the number of planning/coordination clients I take on.  I'd rather be focused on doing a fabulous job for a few very special clients!  That's my plan for the 2015 season anyway :)

The thing I'm most passionate about when it comes to weddings is the decor and special little details.  My etsy shop is my special project and I just LOVE being able to work with people from all sorts of places to create personalized details.  I've shipped items all around the US and even to Australia - crazy right?!?!?  If you're in search of some fabulous, affordable, and unique items to add to your wedding, I might be your go-to person!

What's the reasoning behind my creations?  I'm not a fan of cookie-cutter printed items.  If I can look at it and know exactly how it was done and what store the materials came from, I'm not impressed.  I hold myself to a higher standard...and that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune, just maybe a little more time to find the right stuff.  You may be on a budget and your venue may not be high end, but adding the right items into the mix can be the difference between tacky and impressive...unless tacky is your chosen theme ;)

My most popular items have been from what I'm calling my Kraft Paper Collection.  I just love how the white text looks on kraft paper!

Folded Place Cards - Send me your guest list!

Napkin Wraps - I like these to spice up place settings when there's a buffet dinner

Folded Place Cards with Ribbon - These are one of my favorites!!!

When you're planning a wedding or event, you want your guests to feel special!  This can get overlooked by all the other planning that goes into it, but it's important to remember the meaning that your guests have in your life and just how special it is that they've taken the time (and sometimes a considerable amount of money) to be there for your special day.  Place cards and other little details give them warm fuzzies and they're a great way to add to your decor and reinforce your theme or colors.  I've had some guests want to keep their place card and put it on their desk at work or use it in their scrapbook.  They're a great way to add a little "wow" to your table settings and let people know they have a special place and they've been thought of.  I've had some clients add nicknames for certain guests, which is a special touch too!

State Shaped Tags - Customized to your state and with your message or guest names.

Favor Tags - Customized with the text or design or your choose ribbon color too!

Monogram Tags - Oh you fancy huh?!?

My tags have been very popular!  These can be personalized with your own message or the names of each of your guests.  You can tie them around napkins/silverware, put them on favors, add them to your welcome bags...many creative possibilities!  I've even had people send me their custom designs to put on the tags so they match their invitations, menus, etc.  I get a lot of custom requests and that's what I love...making them personalized to what fits you!  Too bad etsy doesn't allow me to put more customized options, because I can do countless different things for most of my products.  Most people will message me to ask if I can do it, so thank goodness for the messaging!

I've had a couple requests from some high profile people, which is a huge compliment for me!  Of course, I won't say who, but you've probably seen some of them on TV ;)

Framed Magnet Board - Love these for informational sign display!

Framed Magnet Board - Great for displaying escort cards!
My Striped Elegance Collection has remained popular, the magnet boards especially!  I'm working on getting some more up in the store.  These reflect my personal taste the most and my customers who have purchased them typically use them in their home or office.  I actually have a couple hanging in my own home that I put cute cards or quotes up on.  I'm working on some themed gallery wall sets that go with them, so that's coming soon.

Foiled Confetti Place Cards - I'm a little obsessed with these!
I'm working on adding to my newest section, the Luxe Collection!  So far I only have these foiled confetti place cards up, but I'm working on some other designs that include stickers, tags, and napkin wraps.  

Cupcake Favor Kit - Everything you need for fabulous favors - except cupcakes, I'll leave that to you!

I'm working on adding some custom favor packaging and so far I just have these cupcake boxes up.  I just love these!  I need to work on getting some better photos though - I'm no photographer, but it's a skill I'm working on!  

Well that's what I've got going for now - I keep saying I'm making a goal to write on my blog more, but this time I mean it...really :)

♥ Allison

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coming Soon - Rêverie Dècor Striped Elegance Collection

My favorite thing about planning weddings and events is all the little details...the things that show your guests you've put thought and effort into things.  I have loved creating custom items for my clients and so I decided to re-open my etsy store (formerly Funkytown Design) and call it Rêverie Dècor (I only have a couple things posted now, but here's the link Rêverie Dècor Etsy Store ).  It's the perfect way to offer my services and creations to a wider audience!  

My goal for this store is to offer themed collections that have lots of items that can go together.  One of the biggest struggles in planning a wedding is finding everything you want - so many times you may order something online because it looks like the color you need or the kind of quality you're looking for, only to be disappointed when it arrives and doesn't live up to your expectations.  Keeping track of all those different vendors and receipts can be a pain too!  

The Striped Elegance Collection is my first collection I'll be offering in my store.  It's a mixture of horizontal black and white stripes, shades of purple/fuschia, and lots of gold!  I was trying to think of a way to describe the style and I came up with this idea of a wedding for Marie Antoinette and Beetlejuice.  Seems a little wacky sounding, but just go with it!

Below is an inspiration board I created to give you a better idea of where I'm coming from...

Right now I am working on getting good images for each item before I post them on my etsy store.  I am such an impatient person, so it's really been a struggle for me to keep from posting anything yet...not to mention that it takes so much time to create and design the items and then locate what I need to make it happen.  Below are some sneak peaks of some of what I'll be putting up for sale.  The napkin wraps are fully customizable, so if you're not a fan of my taste, you can choose the colors, ribbon, font, etc. that you like.



The next photos are taken with my phone just to show you a couple more things.

This is a framed magnetic board that can hold a menu, welcome sign, whatever you want!  Signs will be offered separately from the board so you can choose to have one or not.

Large framed magnetic board that I created to hold escort cards, but it can really be used for whatever you want.  Escort cards and additional gold rose magnets will be sold as separate items.


Well that's all I have for now!  I am hoping to have everything ready to post in my store in the next couple of weeks and I will definitely be doing another post about it once that happens.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spotlight on The West End Ballroom

This week I am spotlighting a local venue here in Portland, The West End Ballroom.  One of the awesome things about this place is that you don't need to bring in a lot of decor items because it has great style and ambiance on its own!  It's not just a great venue for weddings, but for other events too!

Remaining 2014 openings are being offered at huge discounted prices with rates starting at as low as $899!!!!!  2015 rates range from $2995-$4995

Below is the True Tour of The West End Ballroom - a great way to take a virtual tour of their space!  

POP OUT  |  PROFILE PAGE  |  Powered by Visiting Media TrueTour™ Technology

West End Ballroom from a Planner's Point of View

These are some of the important things I made sure to find out about this venue:

  • Layout: The ceremony area is on the first level and the reception area is on the second level.  The space comfortably accommodates around 120 guests.
  • Accessibility: There is no elevator, so there are some things to plan for and consider.  All items for the reception area will need to be taken up the stairs, so pack things so they are able to be carried up easily.  If you or any of your guests have mobility difficulties, assistance may need to be arranged to get up to the second level.
  • Chairs, Tables, Linens: West End has white folding chairs they will set up for you in the ceremony area.  They have fruitwood chiavari chairs and large round tables for the reception area.  Standard white linens are also included.  This is all included in the cost of the rental.
  • Set-up: West End will set up the chairs in the ceremony area, and the tables and chairs in the reception area are to be set up either by your caterer or someone else you arrange.  If you choose from a preferred caterer on their list, that caterer will automatically set up the reception area and they are familiar with how to do that correctly and efficiently (one of the benefits of choosing from the preferred list).   List of West End Preferred Vendors 
  • Decorations: West End has hurricanes and candles that are available for your sure to ask about them if you're interested.  Other decor items are your responsibility to set up, so be sure you've made arrangements for someone to do your planner ;)
  • Restrooms: There is one restroom located on the first level.
  • Parking: There is a lot across the street that you can arrange to have reserved for your guests, or they can pay individually to park in a lot or on the street.
  • Catering Accommodations: There is a kitchen area that is hidden from view for catering to store things, prepare, etc. 
  • Lighting: West End has uplights in-house that can be added to your rental for the reception area.  You can choose from some different colors for these to add to your ambiance.  They have some pretty patterned gobos to put light on the stage area in the reception area.
  • Storage: In the reception area, there's a stage and a back stage area.  You can store boxes and such in this area so they'll be there when you're ready to pack up.
  • Photography: Powers Photography Studio is a preferred photographer and they have lots of experience photographing in this venue.  There are lots of great places to take photos! 

The last thing I want to mention about West End Ballroom is that it's so cozy and full of personality!  Jennifer and Lauren are also so helpful and's a great venue choice!  

I hope this has been helpful!  Remember, I'm available to assist you, so feel free to check out my services on my site and contact me :)

Have a wonderful week!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Today's freebie is an Instagram wedding sign printable, complete with instructions for adding your own #.  I'm so excited to write about an event I had been working on with Candlelighters for Children with that will be coming soon!

Click Here or on the image to get to the download page!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!