Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Acosta Wedding @ The World Trade Center in Portland

I had so much fun assisting in the planning of this wedding & it was such an honor for me to do it!  The bride & groom actually live in California & wanted to get married in Portland because it was more convenient for their family here...& they love Portland, which I can totally relate to :)  The planning started when the bride asked me to check out the World Trade Center for her.  This is such a great venue!  The thing I love the most is the upstairs reception area whose walls are floor to ceiling windows.  There are support beams that run diagonally throughout the space & they are wrapped in white stringed lights that look so beautiful when it gets dark.  

The bride & groom flew up to look at venues at ultimately decided on the World Trade Center.  Now for the details!  The bride wanted her colors to be aqua (aka Tiffany blue aka Pool aka...a bunch of other names for this precise shade of blue) & red.  The inspiration for this came from some aqua colored fabric with cherries printed on it.  Through the process of choosing items & vendors there was a transformation from a fun & funky style to a more classic traditional style with these great pops of color!  We went from decor ideas using paper lanterns to the tinted mason jars with really came together so beautifully I just couldn't help but stare once it was all set up.

I custom designed & assembled the menus & favor boxes, so my home looked like a little factory for a while!  The menu included popular cuisine from 4 places in the world that had meaning for the bride & groom & the favor boxes held signature Godiva chocolates.  This was such a beautiful & fun wedding to be a part of & nothing is better than being witness to the love & commitment of 2 great people!
The "Sweetheart Table"
I've posted more pictures from this wedding below...some were snapshots with my phone & aren't as great looking as the others, but you get the idea :)

Guest Table 

Ceremony Aisle in The World Trade Center Courtyard

Roses for the families to combine symbolizing their union

I love this one!  Mason jar with roses & bride & groom in the background

Custom sign I made & guest book I also customized to match the colors

Custom Favor Boxes & Menu

Main floral arrangement by "A Floral Affair"

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