Monday, September 30, 2013

Table Settings

One important aspect of a reception, or other event that includes meal service, is the presentation of each place setting.  The place settings can set the tone for the event & their design & color also act as a part of the decor.  Below is an image I found on Pinterest that shows informal vs. formal place settings.  I personally prefer something in between.  I like the look of a lot of glassware on the table because the glass in reflective & I just love clean clear glass :)

A great way to spruce up a place setting is the addition of a charger plate...

You may see these at Michael's or other craft stores for around $1 each (prices vary depending on design & quality).  The charger plate has a long history & has been used as an under-plate for food bearing bowls & plates to keep spillage from getting on the linens.  A charger plate IS NOT TO EAT OFF!  I absolutely cringe when I see people make this mistake.  Charger plates are not a money-saving alternative to plates & they are not manufactured to be eaten off of & can contain very harmful substances that may be absorbed into your food.  That being said, charger plates ARE a great way to incorporate color into your place setting & to really amplify the wow factor of your tablescape....especially if your serving pieces are muted or kind of boring.  Event rental companies should offer chargers for rent, but if they don't have the color you want you can always order your own (you can also check on in the classifieds section to see if anyone is selling any or sell the ones you buy on there afterwards).  There are literally hundreds of different places to buy or order chargers.

Like I said before, I prefer to go with a place setting somewhere between formal & long as it looks fabulous I'm happy!

For more helpful information check out my "Helpful Wedding Information" board on Pinterest...even if you're not into following guidelines, it's good to review & pull from it what you want. I'm also working on a charger board now that I'm all excited about chargers!

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